Blood Cancer

Blood cancer awareness; what you need to know

Cancer is one of the dangerous diseases on the planet, which doesn’t have any cure, but only prevention, and if detected in early stages, it can be prevented. The reasons for happening are unknown, however, there are suggestions. It affects the production, and function of blood cells. The conditions develop in the bone marrow and travel to the body through the bloodstream. It reaches to lymph nodes, spleen, liver, spinal fluid, and other organs. There are a lot of tests, and surgeries one has to take if diagnoses with cancer. The test measures the types of blood cells in your body. Blood cancer can be diagnosed if too many or too little blood cell types are found.

How dangerous is blood cancer?

Blood cancer can spread very fast, and before the person knows it, it will have made its place in the body. Leukemia is one such example of cancer. It has killed 41, 714 people in just three years. In 2010, 22,000 people were killed. Blood cancers are 7% of all cancers, and there are around 140 types of blood cancers. The conditions are very rare, and many of the people won’t even know before they are diagnosed with it.

Blood Cancers

Main three types of Blood cancers:

Even though blood cancers are of many types, and some of them are very rare, some types are main.


This is one of the most common forms of blood cancer. It is caused by the uncontrolled reproduction of abnormal white blood cells. It is found in the blood and the bone marrow. This directly affects the bone marrow to produce a healthy number of Red blood cells, and also the abnormal reproduction of White blood cells makes the body weak against the infections.


This condition makes the body weak by attacking the Lymphatic system, which produces White Blood cells. The abnormal production of the Lymphocytes is transformed into Lymphoma cells, that multiply, and weaken the immune system over time.


The presence of Myeloma can affect your immune system and the normal production of antibodies. It leaves the body vulnerable to infection. It targets the plasma cells and makes the body more open to the infections.


Blood cancer awareness month:

September is marked as the Blood cancer awareness month. The opportunity is used to spread awareness about blood cancer, and make sure that the public knows what steps are being taken. It educates the general public and provides support to those who are affected by blood cancer.


Cancer is a disease that has plagued mankind for a long time. There is no cure for it, and scientists have various conflicting opinions about what causes it. Governments across the globe are actively spending a lot of money on awareness programs and making the healthcare advanced. Even though much research has been concluded in the file, but there is a lot that needs to be done. The funding and dedication will come in handy when trying to find a cure.

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