LRF's mission is to eradicate lymphoma and serve those touched by this disease.


Lymphoma Research Foundation

Our Mission

The Lymphoma Research Foundation (LRF) is the nation's largest non-profit organization devoted exclusively to funding innovative lymphoma research and providing people with lymphoma and healthcare professionals with up-to-date information about this type of cancer. LRF's mission is to eradicate lymphoma and serve those touched by this disease.

Our Founders

LRF was formed in November 2001 by the merger of the Cure for Lymphoma Foundation (CLF) and the Lymphoma Research Foundation of America (LRFA). Both organizations were founded by lymphoma advocates who sought to use their personal experiences with lymphoma to benefit others with the disease. CLF was founded in 1994 in New York City by Jerry Freundlich, a non-Hodgkin lymphoma survivor, and his wife Barbara Freundlich. LRFA was founded in 1991 by Ellen Glesby Cohen, who lost her own battle with non-Hodgkin lymphoma in August 2000. Click here to learn more about our founders.

How We Assist Members of the Lymphoma Community

Lymphoma Research Foundation's goal is to change the future for everyone whose life has been affected by a lymphoma diagnosis. LRF is dedicated to funding biomedical research focused on the origins, treatment and identification of a cure for lymphoma; to raising public awareness of the disease; and providing support and services to people with lymphoma, their families and caregivers.

LRF Research Portfolio

The Foundation remains dedicated to identifying a cure for lymphoma through an aggressively-funded research program. Their research portfolio extends to all lymphoma subtypes and consists of the following grant awards:

LRF Programs and Services

LRF assists members of the lymphoma community by providing comprehensive, disease-specific programs and services to more than 35,000 people each year, including: