CANCER BITES aims to EDUCATE, SUPPORT, CONNECT, INSPIRE and help all those who have been touched by blood cancer to BITE BACK.

ABOUT Cancer Bites

The Cancer Bites campaign draws on expertise from a panel of blood cancer experts led by Dr. Julie Vose of University of Nebraska Medical Center. Cancer Bites has also enlisted The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS), Lymphoma Research Foundation (LRF) and the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF) to help fuel its mission. As the nation’s leading blood cancer patient advocacy organizations, LLS, LRF and MMRF will play an integral role in the campaign at every level; funding research to find effective new treatments and cures; connecting patients and their families to free educational information; and, providing support services for patients at every stage of their cancer journey.

Who's Behind Cancer Bites

The Cancer Bites program is a property of Edge Health and Entertainment. With blood cancers representing the 4th most common cancer type, the Edge team saw the need to better explain to the public key facts about these unique cancers. Additionally, patients and families dealing with a blood cancer diagnosis need "easy to digest" information on the specific cancer type they are dealing with. Through Cancer Bites we saw a way to both attract an audience for the campaign - through entertainment - and provide resources vetted by our Expert Medical Panel. In the complex world of Cancer Care...Cancer Bites makes the complex a bit less daunting

In addition to Cancer Bites, the Edge Health and Entertainment portfolio includes initiatives such as "On The Line" (, a prostate cancer campaign; "Kaleidoscope" ( ) a live event and national television broadcast highlighting cancer survivorship and "Shine for Women" ( ) a series of live events aimed at helping women survivors with their Cancer Journey. Additionally Edge Health and Entertainment has just launched "Kids Health Goes Gold" ( promoting children's health and wellness in partnership with Olympic Athletes and pediatricians.

Michael Burg - President/Edge Health and Entertainment

Edge Health and Entertainment

The founder and President of Edge Health and Entertainment is Michael Burg from Charlotte, North Carolina. Burg, whose background includes over 30 years as television executive, founded Edge Health and Entertainment following two bouts with Hodgkin Disease, a form of blood cancer. Experiencing, first hand, the difficulty navigating the complex healthcare system, Mike saw the need to create "easy to digest" information for patients battling illness. Through Charlotte based Edge Health and Entertainment, Mike Burg established health campaigns that use the "lure" of entertainment to capture an audience...and then communicates key health messages in a vernacular all can understand.

With an initial focus on cancer related campaigns, Michael Burg and his Charlotte team expanded their programs into the world of Kid's Health. As the Executive Producer of the Teen Choice Awards on FOX, Mike knows how to capture the attention of kids and teens. Using this experience and knowledge, Burg launched the above mentioned "Kids Health Goes Gold", the first of several, soon to be announced, national campaigns aimed at a variety of key health and wellness issues targeting this key demographic.

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